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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tour mates

I was expecting the Contiki tour to be a lot like Brian Thacker's book describes it—I guess our group is a bit on the tame side.

We've got a few Canadians, quite a few Americans, a couple of Mexicans, half a dozen Aussies, a similarly-sized clique of Malaysians, plus a mish-mash of others. No Europeans, unsuprisingly.

There are two brother-sister pairs on the trip, and it seems that the brother from Pair 1 is hooking up with the sister from Pair 2. Maybe vice-versa. Creepy.

I'm not sure how to read Lilian, the Tex-Mex. She seems to have the hots for our tour leader, Joel, and keeps accidentally calling me by that name. I haven't really clicked with anyone, but I seem to get on all right with most people (blokey Aussies and confused small-town American teenagers excluded).

I'm also getting crap for not calling home. Meh.


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