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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why I'm on the Facebook

I've long resisted signing up to the massive social networking sites MySpace and Facebook. MySpace, especially, in that its members are often the loud prattish kids that I would not tolerate in real life and the pages look like Geocities homepages from 1998 have come back to haunt us.

I certainly had concerns about future employers looking at my personal history, which I'm not particularly keen on. I already have a blog and I already have a place to share my photos. So why bother?

Mostly, because my address book is always out of date, and I am notorious for not keeping in contact with people. That's one of the main reasons for this blog, by the way. This way, I don't feel so guilty for not spending massive amounts of time sending e-mail to everyone.

A lot of my friends are or were at university, so I've signed up to the Facebook. It's popular enough to count as an epidemic, as far as I can tell. I've long suspected that it's addictive, and I'm now discovering the awful truth.

Discovering old friends. The status updates. The wall-writing. The silly groups. Oh my.

Before long, I'll be a horrible Facebook junkie and I'll be forced to close my account like one chap described in the Guardian.

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  • At 7:34 pm AEST, Blogger Joel said…

    I personally never found facebook/myspace that addicting. Livejournal on the other hand... ;)

    Also, re: future employers...

    (but then I'm still an idealistic student so may get in trouble later)

  • At 12:55 pm AEST, Blogger Andrew Brown said…

    I've used oldfriends.co.nz for those reasons. I also have a myspace and a facebook. I tend to sign up to everything, always with the same user name too..... It's always free :)

    Add me if you want, I'll never check it

  • At 6:09 am AEST, Blogger spentrails said…

    What is livejournal about? Please explain.

    Oh yes and why no photos of Edinburgh?


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