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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Done and dusted

So that's the 48HOURS finished for another year...and what a 48HOURS it was.

The story elements we were required to use when making our short film were what I would call unappetising. We were hoping for our genre to be Splatter Horror but drew Romance. We couldn't even spell the our character's name, and the rest seemed like a particularly unhealthy combination. Was it just our dirty minds, or was there something unseemly about making a Romance film featuring an animal lover and a banana with the line please don't do that?

I think we suprised ourselves making a reasonable romance film -- and we didn't have to resort to dressing in drag. And we have a werewolf.

Update: Apparently the film won an award for Best Use of Character. You can watch the film online if you're really keen.


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