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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Keeping up with He Tangata

Wow, it's been a big week for Kiwi Catch-Ups!

My good friend Bob has just moved to this hemisphere with an aim to work in Germany. His German is a heck of a lot better than mine, so he actually has a chance at this. He's based at his parents' home in London while he organises everything, so we've had the chance to Be Awesome Together and take a day trip to faraway castles in the countryside, courtesy of the lovely British Rail system. We saw jousting, torture equipment and the world's largest trebuchet (big catapult thing).

Another friend of mine, Nic, has taking a month off working in New Zealand so that she can spend time with her friends in Europe. After the long, 24 hour flight from Christchurch, she was more interested in bed than tourist attractions. I still managed to show her shopping on Oxford Street and a tasty dinner from The Ultimate Burger. That was all we had time for; she stayed in London for little more than a day before jetting off to Dublin.

Jo and Mel are looking for flats, just like I should be doing. The elusive (but always lovely) K-Money has joined the blogosphere, and Gozu is renewing his membership. Or something.

Corran's making movies again, Brad is pitching Punchline's potent profits to potential producers. Potatoes.

Not strictly a Zealander, but the intriguing Swedish-Danish grrl from my hostel days is swinging by London in a week or so. Sadly, it appears that there are no Rocky Horror shows over here, either.


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