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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

We regret to inform you

I had a second interview at the little media agency on Thursday. I thought it went well, but obviously not well enough: I didn't get the job. In the mean time, I've had an overly enthusiastic recruiter trying to convince me to take a permanent job in Leeds. Thanks, but no thanks. My plan is to take short-term contract work in London; I'm willing to be a little flexible here for a suitably awesome role, but I'm not throwing the whole plan out the window.

I really do need to ramp up my jobseeking efforts, though. My savings will only last so long over here—especially when I'm spending £200 in one shot at Marks & Spencers—and I need to find a place to live that isn't far from work. Of course, without knowing where my workplace actually is, it's difficult to choose a residence. Sigh.

Lesson of the week: Flapjacks are not pancakes.


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