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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How about an electro-industrial "Jenny from the Block"?

I love cross-genre covers. I used to collect MP3s like Tori Amos covering Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit or Rob Zombie covering KC and the Sunshine Band's Boogeyman. Reading Jeet's Page of Stuff (notes from a South African who lives close to my tube stop) I discovered Sarah McLachlan covering the NWA (probably not safe for work). The same site, AlCan'tHang, has Ben Folds doing a Dr Dre song and a picture of a remarkably creative Stella drinker.

Gruelling test tomorrow. I've even done a little refresher course on PHP. Oh, and does anyone have a suggestion for proving that I earned my RHCE certificate—bearing in mind that my actualy paper certificate is on the other side of the planet?

Update 14 Sep: Red Hat responded remarkably quickly and efficiently once I submitted a request using the Red Hat Certification Feedback form.


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