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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our heritage indeed

To celebrate New Zealand's national day in London, it's traditional to attend the biggest pub crawl in London—the informally-organised Waitangi Day Circle Line pub crawl. I got some very confused looks from The Monkey when I brought her to Kiwifruits (the New Zealand shop) so I think I'll need to look elsewhere for support—anyone interested?

I think I'm more interested in the massive 4pm street haka in Parliament Square, which needed special dispensation from the Police this year now that gathering for protest action there has been criminalised.

Update 30 Jan: I've fixed the link to Kiwifruits. (thanks Bob)


  • At 8:10 pm AEDT, Blogger Mel said…

    Hey, us girls will be going and I'm trying to suss out if Carly and co will be as well. I can let you know when we get something organised.

  • At 8:48 am AEDT, Blogger Bob said…

    I think the link should be http://www.kiwifruitsnzshop.com/

  • At 11:35 am AEDT, Blogger Squirk said…

    Sounds good Mel, it'd be good to see you all again. It's probably safer to text me than any kind of email or whatever, because I'm losing my home Internet access :-(

  • At 7:44 pm AEDT, Blogger Carly said…

    Guys im there with bells on already! And the redback is open from 3pm on monday night with 1 pound speights and macs gold and a free hangi! bring that on too!

    Let me know details etc.. and ill see you sexy bitches on saturday morning!

  • At 8:14 pm AEDT, Blogger fairy princess said…

    We are having a waitangi day hangi festival here (with dunk an auzzie game)

  • At 4:24 pm AEDT, Anonymous Gizzy-Gran said…

    Great I found you. At Last!!! With lots of help from Bennie :)
    What we want to know is have you been to the theatre?....not the pitchas that is! Good local theatre coming at the end of the month: The vagina Monologues. Locally we are talking Diana into taking the guest monologue. Darn she's refused though she is having the time of her life.


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