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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sweden, part 2: How I saw it

(Continuing from part 1)

Christmas in Sweden, Denmark in the New Year. A fun holiday or two, visiting old friends and new countries. This was exciting! As it turns out, however, everyone involved had a different idea of just what was going on.

My impression of things

Alex and Vader were spending Christmas at Smurfette's place in a small town near Gothenburg, Sweden. They'd stay there a couple of weeks and then take the train to Copenhagen, Denmark, to visit Legoland.

Alex thought it would be awesome if we could do it all together.

Bob and I would fly to Gothenburg, take a train to the small town that Smurfette comes from. We'd muck around with them for a couple of days and fly back to England. After being back at work for a week, we'd fly out again—joining our friends in Denmark. We'd explore Legoland and spend the rest of the weekend eating waffle-cones and Danish pastries before returning to our regularly scheduled Blighty.

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Update June 2006: Added navigation to the parts that followed


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