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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Early July tidbits

Time's running out on the Intertron, so here's just a quick update:

  • I have a job interview with a London media agency
  • My grandmother in Gisborne has plugged into the scary world of cybernets and sent me electronic mail
  • I actually walked into a McDonalds restaurant of my own accord (Their Lion McFlurry poster seduced my mind but I reeled in shock and skedaddled before I got to the counter)
  • I finally cancelled my Telecom New Zealand account (thanks Kim!)
  • My old sort-of girlfriend Nic is coming to this hemisphere in August
  • I should really buy a laptop or something instead of coming to Internet caf├ęs all the time
  • It's not fair for one retailer to have three separate stores on the one part of a single street

That's all for now!


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