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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blog Century: One Hundred Posts

According to the Blogger Posting Dashboard Thingumajig™, this is Post #100. Yay me. It's not an anniversary, though, so that means no celebrating. (Onya, Jon)

Looking back on the archives, you can tell that my writing has changed. It was a lot more personal when it was just me and whoever stumbled across it but now I've got an audience, and I've found there are more and more topics I choose not to post about. Some things are specialist technology bits that make people yawn. Some things are just feelings and that sort of thing that might interest the more girly-minded of you but cause a Too Much Information alert for other readers. Sometimes I would like to post about the way someone acts, looks (or smells) -- but it can be impolite when that person is also a reader!(As a side note, it seems that my proof-reading and editing has slipped since I started posting...)

What do you want to see? Probably more importantly, what do you not want to see? I'm thinking about splitting up my writing into sections or something, but sadly the blogging service I use (Blogger) doesn't really support sections. Perhaps I should just have a couple of different blogs:

This blog

For regular people who know me and want to keep tabs on my general activities.
  • Light-hearted commentary on day-to-day happenings in my life.
  • Amusing internet links for when you're bored.
  • Book/movie/play/food reviews.
  • A call to arms for nights out, road trips, or what-have-you.

A technical blog

For programmers and other tech geeks, whether they know me or just searching for information.
  • Projects at work
  • Write-ups or papers
  • Rants about code, usability, and standards-compliance

A very personal blog

Super secret, only I and random internet people will have the address for this one. It's where I'll be free to gush all sorts of soppy crap that most of you don't want to know about.

That's an idea, anyway. Any thoughts? Better ideas?

Update 15 Oct: Tidied some HTML.


  • At 5:19 pm AEST, Blogger Jon said…

    Well I'd read the first two. Not that last one though, I'm not some kind of touchy feely poof!

    (NB slightly drunk)

  • At 6:30 am AEST, Anonymous m0ng0 said…

    As you can probably tell, I have trouble finding the time to maintain just one blog, let alone three (but then I'm pretty slack).
    I know livejournal has a proprietary tag which allows you to hide behind a link information that may be of little interest to your wider audience. It also allows "friends-only" posts. If blogspot has analogous features these might serve your purpose.

  • At 9:05 am AEST, Blogger Squirk said…

    m0ng0: I cry a little whenever I see the buttons for LJ-Cut and Friends Only in the posting software I often use (Semagic). Blogger simply doesn't have jack diddly in the way of features; there's really not much to recommend it at all :-(

    You bring up a good point though: maintaining them all could be a hass. Maybe a change in blogging service is in order...

  • At 6:54 pm AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can see the hassle and Rob's severe muntitude hampering 3 seperate blogs, but I would love to read them all in any case :)

  • At 6:57 pm AEST, Blogger Squirk said…

    Anonymous: "Severe muntitude". I love it!

  • At 10:45 am AEST, Blogger David said…

    I like the personal stuff. I can read endless techie and review sites by the official people, my blog is a diary with added philosophy, and though many readers say there's too much information, unless they can hang me for it that's my style. As long as it's well written you'll always pick up readers, it just depends which audience you'd rather cultivate.


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