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Monday, June 19, 2006

Where has Rob been?

I've been doing a fair bit of Interesting Stuff, but none of it has been going in here. Why not?

It's not as if my holiday in Italy was a Super Secret Treasures. Seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream in the open air of Regent's Park wasn't an everyday occurance that may as well go unsaid. It's not even my notorious slackerism this time!

What's really plugged the flow is The Girl.

More precisely, time spent with her is time not spent by myself. I find that writing is like walking around in your underwear -- it's best when nobody else is around. I'm a pretty solitary person, and need my "alone time". Time to read, time to write, time to work on personal projects.

Although that "alone time" dwindled down to almost nothing, it was for a good cause -- and now I'm getting a whole lot more of it, since I'm no longer in a full-time relationship.

She's been gone a week.


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