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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Misses and messes

Thanks to a suprise tip-hoff from my friend Geoff, I almost caught David Hasselhoff on my day hoff. Unfortunately, I seriously underestimated the difficulty of finding anything quickly in Harrod's. Seriously, that place is vast. I know I've been in London for more than a year, and I should have been before now. (Even if only to buy an expensive plastic bag.)

Sunday was the infamous drinking event known as The Church. Yes, there was sawdust on the floor. Yes, the queue was huge and thirsty. Yes, there was an unusual drinks policy at the bar. (Customers trying to order a single drink would be out of luck -- all drinks are served in plastic bags, three or four cans' worth at a time.)

Yes, I drank far too much and my poor friends had to carry me home, while I subjected them to my incoherent groaning and beltlessness.

I'm sorry, guys!

Apparently they all managed to venture out to some kind of live music venue while I slept it off. Let me tell you, I'm glad I didn't have work the next day.


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