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Monday, May 23, 2005

Theseus' threaded comment viewer

You know, writing a journal like this isn't just a cop-out so that I don't have to e-mail everyone. It's turning out to be a great way to keep myself in check.

After blogging about my poor preparation, I didn't just keep moping. The post had forced me to analyse the problem—I was ill-prepared.

With that in mind, I've since ticked plenty of items off my to-do list and I feel much better.

  • Write a focused CV
  • Book my car in for an auction
  • Do a trial pack
  • Photocopy passports and travel documents
  • Get plane tickets
  • Book accommodation:
    • Auckland
    • Tokyo
    • London
  • Print some "business" cards
  • Send personal tax summary to the Inland Revenue Department
  • Cancel telephone accounts
  • Ensure mobile is set up for roaming

Wow, that's quite a list.


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