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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The bouncer said no

With its thousands of pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues, you might think that going out in London should be easy. Well, it probably is easy—but I somehow managed to fail.

Even after spending several hours in town and coming home at around 2am, I still had not been into a single pub or club. Just walking, waiting, and taking trains. Go figure.


  • Harry Potter shenanigans on Oxford St, with dragons and witches and burning torches
  • A copy of The Sun that somebody left on the tube
  • Walking by the London Transport Bombing memorials at St Pancras near Tavistock Square — twice.
  • Discovering the delights of hot chips being served open — and stuffing my Oyster card into the paper so I could scan in to the bus using my chips.
  • The scary androgynous German who insisted that the reason I was going home alone was my poor fashion sense.


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