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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Midnight mumblings

I dealt with a real Jewish merchant! He had a little skullcap thingy on and everything. London is awesome!

My good friend Bob has been spending a lot of time over here lately, so posting isn't as frequent as I'd like. It's not polite to sit at the computer, writing to The World In General when you are entertaining friends. Even if you have interesting stuff that you will forget about if you don't tell the world Right Now Or At Least Really Soon. I would especially like to take notes on some of the weird and wicked dreams I've been having and post them up here. Dreams are awesome!

Incoherent? Perhaps. But it's very late at night and I'm only posting because I feel like I'm letting the team down on posts.

There's a possibility I start work on Monday, so I should really get my sleeping patterns sorted out. I'm meeting some management folk at the pub on Friday; I wonder what we will talk about?


  • At 7:10 pm AEST, Blogger monkkee said…

    Talking about weird and wicked dreams - here's one I had a couple nights ago:
    I am trapped in an under ground lair with chimneys above me lined with mirrors (like a disco ball). I am trying to get out but none of the chimneys seem to lead to the outside world. Then all of a sudden I find myself upside down, and walking on the ceiling of the lair and having to be careful not to fall down any of the now upside down chimneys. I feel it's too confusing so I force myself to drop off the ceiling and somehow everything is back the right way. Then two guys appear and they're trying to kill me - one of them is a German guy with a strong accent and the other is some kind of gay Scandinavian wrestler (with a strong gay tone of voice). A heavy blunt object appears in my hand (which seems to be a wooken ornament of some kind) and I think about heaving it at my enemies to knock them out - but I realise that there's two of them and I can only knock one down. The other will surely get me... that's when I wake up.
    After that dream, I decided I would record my dreams in my blog too (I started a dream diary a while ago but kept forgetting about it). I will have to remember next time :)

  • At 11:33 pm AEST, Blogger Squirk said…

    That's awesome.

    I've never been attacked by gay Scandinavian wrestlers, but I think it's something we should all strive to do at some point in our lives.

    You know, for the kids.


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