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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A guaranteed sell-out show

What I was actually going to write about was my choice of Friday night entertainment. Thanks to the super-great Prince Charles Cinema continuing their fantastic Feel-Good Fridays promotion, I can enjoy a movie or two on the cheap. British horror The Descent and movie-that-I've-never-heard-of The Cave are showing this evening, and I'm happy to see both of 'em.

Alternatively, I could go with my original plan from earlier in the week: go clubbing somewhere new. I've decided that I need to work on my meeting people technique if I'm going to hang about in the indie rock venues that have been my haunts thus far in Blighty. Since I don't have a tutor for that, I plan on going places where I can just have fun dancing.

For me, dancing requires happiness, and happiness comes from familiarity*. Not being able to find anything that suits my tastes properly, I thought this might be worth a shot:

POPTIMISM Shiny new hits, dusty singles you'll greet like old friends, R&B, teen pop, eurodisco, electro, bubblegum novelties, sellout hip-hop and maybe a hint of indie too.

I can feel Jon choking me from his chair, but hear me out: I found Cathy Odger's assertation that only beatiful people should be in music and the rest of her capitalist values of sales over artistic merit just as appalling as the next counterculturalist.

I still enjoy dancing to music I've heard lots, even when I agree that it's musically and socially valueless.


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