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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Those who woo me

Hey, all recovered now? How would you feel about moving to Bournemouth for the fall and winter?

So ran the message from my friend Geoff. I know I'm looking for a little change in my life right now but Bournemouth? I mean, I had to use a map to find what part of the country it lay in.

I'll give it to the man, he did try hard to sell the idea. Apparently there are plenty of reasons that I might want to go:

  • It's cheaper!
  • There's good shopping!
  • They have a beach!
  • Nicer people!
  • And no chuggers!

I try to allow serendipity into my life. I like doing big things for small reasons. I probably would have jumped on it if he'd asked me to move to Edinburgh, or Berlin, or even Bangkok. I just don't think it'll work with Bournemouth.

England just doesn't excite me that much. London has enough entertainment, history, opportunities to make up for it all (for now, at least). Besides, I've long maintained that London isn't quite England — it's another country with its own language and people.


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