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Friday, November 03, 2006

Teamwork begins with shooting people

Hello everybody!

I always feel weird posting after a big gap. It seems like I should backfill in the gaps before spouting new gibberish. There's certainly been plenty to talk about — men in chicken suits in Prague, incriminating photographs from Bob's leaving 'do and his subsequent departure. Not to mention all the news from work.

Nevertheless, if I don't post soon then I never will, so here's to breaking the seal. If my good man Skarnz can do it then so can I.

Also: This weekend is 401st anniversary of Guy Fawkes' botched attempt to blow up Parliament. England calls it bonfire night and has remarkably few restrictions on fireworks. Alexandra Palace is on a hill and has a great view of the burning city.


  • At 6:03 pm AEDT, Blogger Jungle Rhino said…

    For some reason I have not seen any fireworks on sale here in QLD. I presume this is because they are illegal... most likely due to the fact that some punk kids would probably set fire to half the country (it being fairly hot and dry around these parts).

    Ah well...


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