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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nostalgia and, er, new-stalgia?

Lucky Mr Bob is able to visit the Chur-Chur but I've had to make do with flying over my old haunts using Google Maps Mobile — boy, does it take me back!

I traced around the maps, finding a bunch of the houses I used to live in. (Anyone who's driven around Christchurch with me will remember my almost constant cries of I used to live down there!)

The whole thing brought back so many memories. Like swordfighting with flax-sticks on Marine Parade; crawling through secret hedge corridors in Keyes Road; reading the news from the clouds in Blake Street; building snowmen in Weston Road; recording parody mix-tapes in Rayburn Ave.

Wasn't childhood awesome? I mean, why should playing imagination games with friends be exclusive to kids?


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