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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My seductive style is...

Via GodAwfulPoet, another silly quiz:

What's your seductive style? The Escape Artist.

It seems Mel has also beat me to posting.


  • At 2:37 pm AEDT, Blogger Joel said…

    I attempted this a while back.

    (I also have to say it is the worst quiz UI ever)

  • At 4:10 pm AEDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I too am an escape artist hmmm....

    DJ :)

  • At 8:45 pm AEDT, Blogger God Awful Poet said…

    Hey! Don't blame me, Mel did it first! Yes it is a shite quiz, but sometimes when one is bored, one does crazy things... I mean to say, my blog isn't exactly a class act now is it?

  • At 1:44 am AEDT, Blogger Squirk said…

    I thought the interface was "clever", which is not necessarily a good thing. I must say that I was confounded, but a simple explanatory sentence would have made the difference between "gimmicky" and "frustrating".

    I didn't know you had a LiveJournal!

    I think the test can tell our allergic attitude to commitment ;-)

    @God Awful Poet:
    Mel might have done it before you did, but I noticed yours first!

    I don't know how many blogs have ever earned the description "class act", but I enjoy reading yours: it's insight into another world.

  • At 3:46 pm AEDT, Blogger Joel said…


    I've had various ones on and off for a the last several years.

    I am like a teenage girl, except the mean age of lj users is in the early 20s these days.


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