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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Consolation prizes

I didn't make it to Poland, but I did get a dashing hat.

Who is that moustachioed gentleman?

I also had one of the most interesting nights I've ever had in Golders Green; I especially liked the crazy punk smashing rubbish bins and kicking doors. The all-honking, all-flashing train station alerts were entertaining, too.

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  • At 11:14 am AEDT, Anonymous easy-kiwi said…

    My dear Mr. Hunter, on stellar form as usual.... I am most certain your missing the flight was a subconscious act; why go to Poland when you can adventure around your very own "backyard"?

  • At 10:12 pm AEDT, Blogger Skarnz said…

    well, it *is* a nice hat.

    and, well, all I can say is that you really are building a reputation that is ENTIRELY deserved.

    Champion effort


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