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Sunday, November 12, 2006

As a side effect, the sharks got smarter

Many of you are familiar with my, er, talent for transport and punctuality. This evening I was particularly on-form: it took me six hours to arrive, and I somehow managed to switch transports no less than five times (as well as ending up on the other side of the river).

I didn't mind missing the entire rugby game (France vs the All Blacks), but I wasn't so pleased to find that I had missed pub licensing hours. Yes, by the time I arrived I wasn't allowed inside. Cozzie laughed as I stood at the door, making sad faces.

Ally Mead is in London for the week, and she was looking forward to catching up with another — only I honestly couldn't remember meeting her before. I felt awful for entirely forgetting a person, and I'm sure she wasn't exactly thrilled at being forgotten.

It reminds me of one year in high school, where I shared the exact same timetable with a particular girl. That is, every time I went to class, she was there too. Every period of every day for the whole school year. It took me until September to realise this fact.

School would have started in February or March, so that's around seven months.

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  • At 12:16 am AEDT, Anonymous cozzie said…


    We had all assumed that you had decided not to come out for the night. But to get a text at midnight, when the lights were coming on in the pub, and i could see you out the window, was most comical.

    One day, One day hunter -- you'll get somewhere on time.


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