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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The biting words of the French

So, it takes three girls for you to get up?

The neighbours invited me lovely picnic in Hyde Park where I spent a perfect summer's day with good company and plenty of food. What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday! Special thanks to well-known rock band REM for playing for us—and at such short notice, too.

There were lots of teachers there, and lots of Kiwi ex-pats as well. One told me how he managed to study for a double degree at the University of Auckland and still work full-time at nights. That's absolutely ludicrous.


  • The Incredible Fold-Up Bike
  • The Krypton Factor challenge to fold up the fold-up bike
  • The flourescent poi used for beacons
  • The flying disc that made everyone feel like a professional Frisbee player
  • The birthday cheesecake (complete with candle!) that my inner foodie would describe as divine

I also learnt that my knowledge of musical stage shows (in particular, their songs) leaves much to be desired. By the way, the quote at the top is from my French flatmate, Aude, when she found I was up and awake at mid-day for this.


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