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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So I caved

I bought my first laptop computer today. It's a Fujitsu-Siemens AmiloL 7300, and it cost me £499 at Micro Anvika.

I probably could have afforded the extra hundred pounds or so and bought something much better, but I'm still unemployed. I'm also spending my New Zealand dollars, so I think I have to be at least a little realistic.

I've never really followed the whole wireless hoo-ha, but wireless networking is pretty nifty. Unfortunately, the signal isn't too flash in my room. I wonder where the actual transmitter thingamy-jig is? I've never seen any equipment around the house. My guess is that it's in some other dude's flat, across the road or something. I hope he doesn't get billed for all these freeloaders.

Update 24 Aug: The wireless internet does come from Just Some Guy. The credit card bill shows my laptop being charged at $1314.29 in New Zealand money.


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