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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dreams of power

I have been enjoying much more action-packed thrill-ride dreams lately. That means it's all back to normal and this house probably isn't inhabited by malicious, dream-eating spirits.

On the other hand, I wrote notes on some of my dreams from the interim period and boy, do they make disturbing reading. It's not so much that the contents are horrific or otherwise particularly disturbing images; I think it's more the writing style. It reminds me ofDiary of a Mad Man, the hand-written storybook included with the moody 1992 computer game DreamWeb. Especially the inky scrawl.

Let me quote a passage, verbatim:

I was younger, still living at home then the house was dark and the family had disappeared. I reflexively sat on a scuttling object in the dark but it seemed to be bigger than the mouse I thought it was and complained like a cat being sat on. I picked up the cat and held it to my chest facing outward, trying to combine our vision. The bad guys were in the (fully lit) kitchen, along with a black potion.
In my defence, I imagine that racing to commit the ideas to paper before they vanished from my consciousness probably has a lot to do with the narrative structure (or lack thereof).

Having just written about the odd and disconnected nature of dreams, this Flash animation struck a dreamy chord.


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