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Friday, October 28, 2005

It's not easy having a good time

Throughout the week I've been fretting over what to wear to the Rocky Horror show this weekend—Her Royal Monkeyness has offered stockings and a corset, but they're not much good without some boots and some kind of matching crotch-wear. Even Rockies expect a bare minimum of clothing.

As it happens, I needn't worry. The show was last weekend. Gutted.

Update 28 Oct: As a consolation prize, it seems that the Hard Rock Café are holding a Rocky Horror night for Hallowe'en.


  • At 6:01 pm AEDT, Blogger Kim said…

    hey... whats a kinophile???? and why is it attached to my name!!!! ... how r u btw?

  • At 9:18 pm AEDT, Blogger Squirk said…

    Kim: "Kinophile" means "movie lover". It's attached to your name because of your attachment to the cinema industry ;-)

    I'm fantastic, see my later posts for details.


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