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Friday, October 28, 2005

Hooray for hats

I've been a busy beaver on the job front. Last week I had two interviews with a web development company and one with an ISP, plus I've been talking to a couple of recruiters who seem excited to put me forward for other roles. Sadly, I'm still unemployed.

Both of my grandmothers have called me from New Zealand at inappropriate times. They're worried about me, and wonder about things like whether I'm eating and if I want to come home. Pah. I might be eating meals out of a can, but I am staying here. I can't imagine how quiet and empty and disconnected New Zealand would feel if I was to go back, but I have barely begun my adventure in the Big Wild World. I haven't taken a £1 flight to Europe, I haven't set foot in Scandinavia, and I haven't contracted Bird 'Flu or even SAD.

Two of my flatmates are on their way back to the Southern Hemisphere after being thoroughly sick of London, so maybe I'll feel like that once I've been here a couple of years. Which reminds me of something I learnt from a recent job interview experience: if I had not mentioned my plan for moving to a new city every two years or so, I would probably have an awesome job right now. Instead, all I have is a glowing character reference and a big chunk of No Job.

PS: Silkworm pupae. Fourteen-year old cereal. Infected corn. Steve, don't eat it!


  • At 8:27 am AEST, Blogger Joel said…

    Yeah, if you start to really need a job you could just forget to mention that you'll be travelling to a new city every couple of years. Two years is a reasonable amount of time to stay at an employer - but if you explicitly mention you'll only be around that long they might hold out for someone more long term.

    But then, I haven't even left University yet, so what do I know? ;)


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