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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A household name

Pulling a Lynndie
Originally uploaded by Squirk.

Spanish-but-not-really Jack is having a head-warming house-warming affair this weekend, where we wear hats. And ties.

Jack (the father of a holy packet of ketchup whom I met on a binge of excitement) told us all about pointing at men's boy-parts with a cigarette hanging out of one's mouth. He told us that this practice has a name, and it's called doing a Lynndie.

You might be suprised that there are a lot of people pulling Lynndies, all over the world. Many people (like myself) are taking photos of such behaviour and showing the world. Just look at all the Lynndie photos on flickr, like the one included in this post.

Wouldn't you be proud to be Lynndie England's mother?


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