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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Roskilde, day 1 - mea culpa

If you were taking more than a week off work to go to a festival in a foreign country (and paying a fair chunk of money for the privilege), what would you bring with you?

This is part 1 of a series of updates.

You'll need your passport, for sure, a sleeping bag, some clothes, maybe something to read. If it were you, instead of me, maybe you'd also bring your tickets.

That's right, I was in Denmark but I left my festival tickets on the desk in my room in England. They told me and my innocent companion that they would only let us in if someone in England took a photo of the tickets and send the photo to them by e-mail. Of course, it couldn't possibly be that simple...

Our bags went inside the campsite where we couldn't get at them, my phone was missing all the useful numbers and burned through its credit with sky-high roaming charges anyway.

Luckily there was a couple of no-shows at the local youth hostel, so we did get a bed for the night. I will owe many people many favours before this is over!

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