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Monday, January 08, 2007

Sleep like the dead

As it so often happens when I'm left to my own devices, my sleeping habits have become those of a late shift-worker.

One unfortunate side-effect of bedding down at around 6:00 am (and not rising again for almost twelve hours) is that I missed out on Lars von Trier's film The Idiots:

A group of perfectly intelligent young people decide to react to society's cult of an aimless, non-creative and non-responsible form of intelligence by living together in a community of "idiots". Their main activity becomes going out into the world of "normal" people and pretending to be mentally retarded. They take advantage of this situation to create anarchy everywhere they go and try by every possible means to make people annoyed, disturbed, miserable, ridiculous, angered, and shocked...

It was running as part of the Prince Charles Cinema's Greatest Hits Sundays, another of their programmes which I have left severely underutilised.

I only have a couple more weekends before I leave the country!


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