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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Roskilde, day 4 - hygiene on the streets

I've seen a lot of Scandinavian boy-parts in the last few days.

This is part 4 of a series. If you haven't been following, you might like to read about my Danish adventures from the beginning.

When nature calls, it seems to be a strong festival tradition to just find a nearby fence to aim at... even if it's a see-through chain-link fence with crowds of people on the other side. This isn't limited to the boys, actually, and squatting Scandinavian woman is not an uncommon sight. The practice seems to be enshrined enough to feature on a board in the History Tent but those kinds of photographs would not go down well in Britain!

My Danish flatmates tell me that it's also a festival tradition to avoid bathing for the duration of the event. Well, I'm a rule-breaker sometimes. I used the communal showers outside the campground perimeter, and felt all the better for it.

The four of us native English speakers decided to sample some street culture and expressed ourselves in aerosol on the graffiti wall and watched some crazy skaters nearly wreck themselves pulling vert tricks.

Photos to follow!

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