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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reasonable force

The police in Atlanta, Georgia, apparently attacked a historian over the horrific crime of jaywalking.

From the notes:

After being thrown on the ground and handcuffed, the former Oxford don was formally arrested, his hands cuffed behind his back. Several policemen pressed hard on his neck and chest, leaving the mild-mannered scholar, who's never gotten so much as a parking ticket, bruised and in pain.

I dearly hope this was the result of a single, non-representative officer on a power-trip (and not an indication of wide-spread, systematic problems with the US police force).


  • At 3:46 pm AEDT, Blogger Jungle Rhino said…

    good grief... I've got to say the video is rather amusing. Perhaps the saddest part is when he says how one of the cops told him that even if they were wrong to arrest them they could not just let him go as he would then be able to sue the Police. gg

  • At 4:38 pm AEDT, Blogger Squirk said…

    I was out examining a burnt out car (post-explosion) with some American friends when the police dropped by and asked us if we knew anything about it.

    Those two were packing themselves with Police Fear but the officer cracked a joke about spare parts and bid us goodnight.

    The best quote was afterward: Those aren't police! Those are social workers!


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