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Monday, February 12, 2007

How I speak

I'd been living and studying here in Berlin for just a couple of weeks before I noticed that it felt weird to write in pure English. At home, I've started speaking German pretty much exclusively. It's a great, because it's visible progress.

In my first week, I could barely function in spoken German. The second week, I could understand most of what my flatmates said but only speak in the simplest possible terms (no past tense, for example; everything happens now!). As my fourth week begins, I'm feeling far more comfortable. I'm even starting to understand television.

It's suprisingly hard to resist dropping a whole bunch of German words into this post, but I'll try. I find myself thinking in German a lot of the time, or thinking in English with German grammar. I must now to my next class go.

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  • At 2:43 pm AEDT, Blogger Andrew Brown said…

    you should have included german
    btw, I pronounce the g in german like i pronounce it in garden, how's that for pointlessness

  • At 9:11 pm AEDT, Blogger Squirk said…

    If "german" was a German word, the Germans would pronounce it the same way. But it's not.

    I think the Germans have got to have the most varied names around.

    The French, English, German, Latvian and Polish words for "German" are all completely different.


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