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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Post now or forever hold your peace

I am alive, I've just been absolutely terrible at posting. I have a job and a home, although both are short-term affairs.

Living near work hasn't helped my arrival time. I'm actually weirdly pleased to have the pressure of work back again.

I've seen a lot of Kiwis lately. I may even live with one soon. Half of Canterbury appears to have moved into south-west London. I've had a few big phone catch-ups with old friends, but even when the connection is OK, timezone differences get in the way.

Not everyone will understand

The curse of Cozzie's cohorts continues. Drinking with her is a risky business, it seems!

Three in a row for Australia. Misunderstandings from the past, sorted. An armless knock-down fight, then only minds.

The case of the very close bus stops and the nocturnal detour to The Mall.

And finally

Happy birthday, Izzy!

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