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Monday, January 05, 2009

I want to talk to someone about soybeans.

Have you ever had a bad day at work? Ever steamed in frustration after talking to an idiot? I'm sure you, gentle reader, are far above such behaviour but I've been spring-cleaning my inbox and I found my friend's little piece of spleen-venting:

I am currently working at the Christchurch City Council in the call centre, its OK, ppl are pretty grumpy, and if they re not grumpy then they are asking the weirdest questions which make you want to say WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING THE COUNCIL!!!?!??!?!

We started writing these down, these are just some of them!

  • "What's the phone number so can I get a job picking mushrooms?"
  • "Hi, we are having a function in September and want to know where we can get some Indian music CDs?"
  • "I'd like to import an exotic cat, can I?"
  • "What was the background music played at the Art Gallery two Sundays ago?"
  • "Hi, I want to talk to someone about soybeans..."
  • "My daughter's boyfriend is being released from prison, can you tell me who to contact about this!"
  • "I would like a list of all the free doctors there are in Christchurch."
  • Someone has rung to say he has built a garage. He rang requesting we now remove the street tree that is blocking the vehicle access way to the garage.
  • "I have a couple of beds, who do I call?"
  • "Do the service centres do drivers' licences?"
  • "Do you know the number of the Christchurch Pony Club?"

What are we, Telecom?

The message was dated October 2006, so I guess the list grew quite a bit after that. I wonder if the full list is available online anywhere?

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