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Thursday, June 07, 2007


London's a big place, but somebody's got to live all over it.

When I arrived, I lived in an ex-council estate in the East (with its mini-gangsters), an actual house with a fake room up North (in the middle of the Jewish community), in a fancy pad with en-suite and clothes dryer out West (where posh people are) and now I've finally taken up residence in the South London.

I've been accused of North-bank centric attitudes in the past, and I've Before this year, I'd been over the river to the South bank only a handful of times (and yes, most of those were so that I could walk along the River Thames looking at the North bank).

Specifically, I've taken up residence above a disused Mexican pizza restaurant in Wandsworth, the brighter borough (although at least two cranky old ladies would disagree).

It's got a good selection of dodgy take-away joints, nearby green parkland and easy bus access to places like Hammersmith and Clapham Common.

Speaking of Clapham Common, the Chinese State Circus have a show this afternoon. I'd quite like to see some Wu-shu Warriors slicing up junk and flying acrobatics.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Homeless again

I've come to the end of my temporary one-month tenancy at Gunnersbury, and still haven't found anything. Alex and I were looking to find a place together for a while, but that's harder than we thought.

That means that from about 6pm this evening, I'm once again homeless.

It seems to be a common theme...

At least I'm probably going to get paid in a couple of weeks. That'll be well good.

And for those of you keeping track

Thursday's date went terribly. And fantastically. I see complication in the future...

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